Our Favorite Bird “LIVE” Camera sites

Take note of the fact that some of these sites are not operative year around.  However, some are always operating.

These are the cameras that we run at our store.


1)   Sapsucker Woods at Cornell University


2)   Ontario Feeders (70+ miles north of Lake Superior


3)   Panama Fruit Eating Birds


4)   Sapsucker Woods Pond Cam


5)    Hellgate Ospreys in Montana


6)    Allen’s Hummingbird Nest in California (Mom’s name is Bella)


7)    Osprey Nest in Hog Island, Bremen, Maine


8)    Northwest Florida Bald Eagle Nest (Romeo & Juliet)


9)   Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (provided by a real estate firm)


10)   West Texas Hummingbird Cam