Hummingbird Nectar: Adding Microcopper and Calcium

Any additives in a sugar nectar solution are totally unnecessary and have the potential to harm these extremely small birds.  Red dye is a clear example of a harmful additive, but some commercially available products add calcium and vitamins too!  Unnecessary!
The nectar sugar solution is only for energy that hummingbirds require in copious amounts due to their high level of activity.   Hummingbirds also eat insects and get their calcium and other nutrients from these meals, particularly spiders which appears to be a favorite.  Calcium comes from the insect's exoskeleton.  Flower nectar does not provide calcium.

Yes, that said, we do offer an additive to prolong the longevity of the sugar solution in warm weather.  The micro copper sulfate mimics the same composition that flower nectar contains for the same purpose.  We have a research article around the shop concluding its safety.


Microcopper Article