Grape Jelly and Mealworm Feeding Misconceptions

Incorrect information has been published or discussed concerning feeding grape jelly to orioles and mealworms to birds.

First, an article in a popular magazine talked about the harm of feeding grape jelly and/or types of grape jelly to Orioles. The Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology and a research veterinarian from the University of Wisconsin have verified that these statements do not represent factual information. Feeding Grape Jelly is not a concern if it does not contain artificial coloring, other additives and/or corn fructose! Our store stocks a perfect solution for orioles!

Birds naturally, regulate their own energy needs.  The amount of sugar intake is not a concern for this reason.  Furthermore, birds do not build fat.  Birds are not mammals!

Second, another unknown source has spread false information via the Internet that feeding birds mealworms interferes with their calcium regulation. This statement is again based upon misinformation or opinion. Feeding mealworms are no different than insect items found in nature that birds consume.