Madison, Wisconsin

Bob & Jan Ross

Bob & Jan Ross

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Madison, Wisconsin

8402 Old Sauk Road
Madison, WI 53562

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Location: We are located just West of the Beltline exit to Old Sauk Road about 1.5 blocks, just west one store after the Walgreens on your right, at the intersection of Old Sauk Road and Junction Road.

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August 2016

Here is yet another response to misinformation claiming Hot Pepper will kill honey bees.  First of all, you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet with so many sites nothing more than someone's opinion.  Second, hot pepper (capsaisin) does not kill bees. Capsaicin as a spray seems to act like an insect repellant, however, locked into a cylinder, capsaicin is not going to affect anything except for mammals attempting to eat it.

Acaricidal composition and use thereof in disinfesting treatments


Treating mites in Honey Bees by using capsaisin.   Acarical refers to mites.  



In vitro growth-inhibitory effect of plant-derived extracts and compounds against Paenibacillus larvae and their acute oral toxicity to adult honey bees


Capsaisin has a low toxicity to adult honey bees and commercial availability suggesting them as perspective, low cost and consumer-acceptable agents for control of AFB*.

* Treatment of a Honey Bee Diseases!



Definitive Research has clearly indicated that capsaisin is non-toxic to the Honey Bee (Veterinary Microbiology 145 (2010) 129-133.


            Image result for hot pepper cylindersImage result for hot pepper cylinders